Full Coaching Services w/ Nadia Szymanowicz

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Meet Coach Nadia Szymanowicz (pronounced sha-mano-vich since you are probably looking at your phone sideways to figure that one out).  Ever since Nadia began taking her health and fitness seriously in 2014, she has been hooked on and has discovered a burning passion for bettering herself, challenging herself, breaking through barriers, and discovering what is beyond her perceived limits to discover what she truly is capable of.

Growing up with an athletic background where Nadia participated in many sports, she never made her way into a gym- but she was always competitive, a leader amongst her peers, a team player, and goal-oriented.  When she did discover the gym, it became her most reliable outlet.  This precious space was somewhere she could pour her entire being into, for herself, for her own good and wellbeing.  Seeing herself transform, learning about form and different exercise variations, how they targeted certain muscle groups, educating herself on nutrition, and starting to keep track of her progress had her glued on the idea of getting better every single day.  Nadia wanted to do better in all areas of her fitness efforts- hitting her macros each day, sticking with her gym routine, learning new things… and eventually, she was able to integrate these positive habits with her daily life-improving her entire quality of life as a whole. 

In 2017, Nadia competed in her first NPC show where she won first place in Novice, won the Novice overall, and second in Open.  She caught the bug, as some say, and have since done 4 shows afterward.  Her most recent being NPC Jr. USA’s in Charleston, South Carolina, where at her first national show, she won first place in her class.  At this show, she was hoping for a first callout- but to have won her class really opened up her eyes and allowed shifting of gears within her to pursue the next level.  Currently, Nadia is aiming at earning her IFBB professional status- and yes, Universe, she is putting it out there- with the goal to step on the Olympia stage.

Nadia’s intention is to help you realize that the only limit is the one you set yourself.  That you can push further, go beyond what you thought possible, and unlock a new version of yourself that will be so rewarding to meet.  The process in which this occurs is where the real fun happens- do not only get excited over the end result.  The magic happens in the middle.  In this journey is where you level up, build your character, develop strength, willpower, adaptability, discipline, honesty, and integrity within yourself.  Nadia believes that through intention, applied effort, and action- anything is possible. There is no better time than now- stop waiting on living your best life.

Evolve or remain? You decide.

Expectations of the client

  1. Honesty and Communication: Allowing for transparency and open communication with Nadia is going to ultimately help her, help you.  The height of success at which you achieve together is going to strongly depend on your relationship and fully disclosing all details, asking questions, and being honest within your check-ins and the execution of your plan.
  2. Adaptable and Coachable: This requires attention and diligence from the athlete.  It is important that you are open to listening to feedback, receiving constructive criticism, are able to reflect on your efforts and how they can be improved, and just being an enthusiastic-go-getting-bad-ass individual in general.  Stay hungry, and Nadia will make sure that you eat.
  3. Effort and Intention: Follow through. Stick to your word.  Execute and adhere to the plan.  Leave no room for questionability, make your goals obvious, and demonstrate adherence while also being patient- as this takes time and there will be no instant gratification.

Expectations of the coach

  1. A Special Coach-Client dynamic: There are no “stupid” questions, there is nothing you cannot come to Nadia about, there is no reason to withhold any concerns or feel resistant to ask or admit anything.  Nadia is here to help you, guide you, and coach you. She promises to serve you with her knowledge and understanding, to provide accountability and no option but to take steps forward together, to be your hype woman when she can be, and remain 100% real with you…  which goes into her next point.
  2. No Sugar Coating: Nadia will always be real, open, and honest with you, just as she expects you to be with her.  There will be no filters, no B.S., no blowing smoke- just straightforward, honest and upfront facts and communication.
  3. Responsiveness and Care: Nadia does this because she is passionate about helping you achieve new heights and step into your best self.  She cares for you and your success, and you can expect prompt responses with detailed feedback.

What to expect from coaching with Nadia

  1. Set Meal Plans: Customized to the individual’s personal needs and requirements
  2. Macro Based Plans listing acceptable foods
  3. Note: within macro-based plans, it is important that you and Nadia rule out foods that might cause inflammation or possible food allergy so you can continue to fine-tune the list of foods that will help you to function and perform at your most elite level.
  4. Cardio and supplementation protocol: Depending on your goals and needs, there will be assigned cardio to be completed.  Supplements of the highest quality will be suggested to ensure you are functioning at your best from the inside out.
  5. Training plans for all levels of athletes- from the new gym-goer to the advanced lifter, you will be challenged to grow mentally and physically.
  6. Weekly check-ins (progress photos, accompanied by a check-in questionnaire for the client to turn in each week, followed up with adjustments if/when they are needed)
  7. Constant support from Nadia in any scenario, at any time.  
  8. Results: Nadia wants growth, success, and greatness for you just as bad as you do- but only you can want it bad enough to do something about it. Give her your all, never give up on yourself, stay the course, and you WILL make it happen and see your vision come to life!


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