“I’ve known Matt since 2004 when we competed against each other at Teenage Nationals and it
was obvious to me the amount of knowledge he had in regards to bodybuilding was greater than
anyone I had met at the time. We became great friends since then and I would always go to
Matt with questions regarding nutrition and training. After taking a 7 year break from
bodybuilding I decided to return to competition in 2015 and Matt was the first phone call I made
to ask him if he’d be willing to coach me. In 20 weeks he took me from a regular looking gym rat

to an IFBB Pro and we would go on to win a Pro Show in 2017 to qualify and compete in the
Mr. Olympia, which fulfilled my lifelong dream as a pro bodybuilder. I would have never made it
that far, that quickly if not for Matt’s help. His ability to simplify what seems like an extremely
complex process is what makes him so good at what he does. His understanding of each
individual’s personalities and how to get the most out of them also makes him stand out above
the rest. Matt has been one of my biggest influences when it comes to my life and I owe him all
the success I’ve had as a bodybuilder.” ~Gerald Williams

Full Coaching Services w/ Matt Burzacott

FROM $325.00 TO $3000.00 

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Matt Burzacott was born in Des Moines, Iowa where he grew up playing sports, mainly football and baseball. Needing to bulk up for football, Matt got into weight training at 12 years old in his basement (he would’ve started earlier if his parents had allowed it) and the obsession to become as big and strong as possible had begun. Matt rapidly progressed in the weight room, breaking nearly every weight lifting school record as well as setting the school record for vertical jump and the 40-yard dash. After football ended, Matt naturally progressed into bodybuilding and did his first contest right after he graduated high school at 18 years old, winning the Teenage and Novice Division. Like many, Matt caught the bodybuilding “bug” after and set out to accomplish his dream of becoming an IFBB professional bodybuilder. 

Matt has come as close as possible to obtaining an IFBB Pro card, missing it by one spot on 3 separate occasions, one of those times losing by 1 single point at the 2017 NPC USA Championships. Matt has placed 2nd at the USA Championships twice, 3rd once, and placed 3rd at the NPC Nationals. Unfortunately, Matt has suffered injuries that have prevented him from competing recently, but he will return to the stage in 2021 to finally capture the pro status that has narrowly eluded him thus far. 

Matt started coaching other competitors in 2009 after a few locals asked for his help. This is something he enjoyed greatly and found he was very good at and business organically grew through referrals through the years. Matt’s most accomplished client so far is Gerald Williams. Matt helped Gerald go from the couch to a Men’s Bodybuilding IFBB Pro Card in 20 weeks in 2015. They then went on to win the IFBB California Pro Bodybuilding Show, qualifying for the most prestigious show in bodybuilding, Mr. Olympia. Gerald went on to place 15th at the Olympia which not many people in the world can say. Matt took a break from bodybuilding and coaching for a few years but has returned with his focus solely on coaching after Matt Jansen asked him to be a part of his Camp Jansen team. Without hesitation, Matt accepted the offer and looks forward to getting back into helping people all over the world reach their fitness goals! 

Expectations of the client;

Transparency – Matt is not your coach to scold you if and when slip-ups occur. Instead, it is essential for you to be honest and transparent as a client when giving feedback in your check-ins. Doing so will allow Matt to make an informed decision on whether program changes are necessary or not. 

Communication – If anything in your plan is too difficult for you to adhere to, this must be communicated to Matt as more often than not, he can come up with a solution that will still get you to your goal. If there is something more you need from Matt or something that you don’t need, please communicate this to him as he values your time and wants to help you in areas you will benefit the most from. Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Patience – Please understand that it takes time for changes to happen to a physique. Have reasonable expectations and always ask questions if you’re not understanding why you are doing something and then “trust the process.” 

Effort and Consistency– Saving the most important for last, these two go hand in hand. Matt is willing to help anyone that is willing to work hard! There is nothing more important than effort and consistency. Part of having a coach is having someone holding you accountable. You CANNOT replace hard work and consistency when it comes to altering your physique. 

Expectations of the coach;

Explanation of the Process– It is essential that you understand why you are doing what you are doing. Matt wants you to understand what his vision is for you and how your plan is going to get you there. This is very important so you know what to expect during the process and it helps you stay on track at times when you might feel like you’re spinning your wheels. 

Personalization – Everything Matt does is customized for your needs. He will work WITH you on a plan that is not only optimal, but also feasible. Once he gets to know your personality and what type of coaching you respond best to, he also takes great pride in helping you get the most out of YOURSELF. 

Responsiveness – Matt takes great pride in being accessible for his clients and giving them all as much time as possible. Barring an emergency or technological glitch, he responds to text messages within a couple of hours and emails within 24 hours. 

Effort – Matt will do everything he can to help you succeed. From sitting down and putting himself in your shoes when he designs your initial plan to your weekly check in 1 year later, he is not afraid to take the necessary TIME so he can make an educated decision in regards to your plan. 

Care – The most important trait of a successful coach is one that truly CARES. Matt not only wants you to reach your fitness goals, he wants you to be healthy in doing so! Matt will always have your best interest at heart and he takes maintaining his client’s health very seriously.

What To Expect From Coaching with Matt;

Personalized Nutrition – Matt will take your schedule and your food preferences into consideration when designing your food plan. Whether you are a “flexible” dieter and you want options or you just want to be told what to eat and when he has you covered.

Personalized Supplementation– Matt will never push any supplements on anyone. He will find out what you are comfortable with taking and then give guidance. He will always take your budget into consideration when it comes to supplements.

Training – Training is a HUGE part of this whole process that often gets neglected by many coaches. Matt feels so strongly about this that he creates an optimal training program for every client and unlimited updates when needed.

Ongoing Support– Weekly check-ins are included in every package and you also have unlimited email access for any questions that you may have. When NECESSARY – nutrition, training, cardio and supplementation adjustments are all part of every package.


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