“Hey man, this is long overdue as I’m just sitting here but I wanted to truly express my appreciation for you again. I know that you coach a lot of top athletes in the world so it really meant a lot to me that you took so much time every single day to make sure we could bring the best package to the national stage in the short time we had together. I have no doubts that now after learning my body and being able to go into a true offseason and grow that we will only come back way more shredded and with a lot more size next year. It was great getting to actually meet you and be able to connect on a personal level. It means a lot to me how much you care in detail about everyone you coach. I couldn’t be happier to be an athlete on your team and am truly motivated as ever to get to work.” – Ryan Tuttle

Full Coaching Services w/ Matt Jansen

$450.00 To $3,600.00 Options

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Athletes will have weekly Whatsapp access on scheduled check-in day.  Effective communication between coach and athlete is something that I strive to build. The frequency of updates will vary as to where you’re at right now and what your needs are, for the main aspect of your training we’ll focus on things on the variables that matter most and ensure that progress is happening. All pricing is listed here.

Matt’s Athlete Expectations;

– What this all comes down to for me as your coach is that you give me 100% effort to the plan and consistency within the variables that I laid out for you. Over time I also expect our communication between coach and athlete to grow and through this everything will improve for us as a team. We cannot force this or expect it overnight but through us both giving equal effort this will be part of what will make us successful long term.

– I expect that you fully follow the updated guidelines that I have laid out for you within your plan. This includes the timeliness of your updates to me. I expect all updates to be in by 10 am local time but this being said you are not getting your update in until 10 am you are behind on having a productive day. Wake up early on your check-in days get your photos and update process done and get it into me, please.

– Please give me feedback on all aspects of your update that has been requested. I ask these questions to better know you and to know how you are responding to the plan. I should not need to have to ask you the same questions over and over again that are on the athlete’s expectations.

– If something is off, feels wrong, or is not clicking please reach out to me and tell me.

– Lastly, it is your responsibility to check in with me just like it is your responsibility to show up to practice and games. If you want me to take you seriously you need to take yourself seriously and I can assure you that I will as well.

– Please out of respect for my family reserve Sunday for my family do not reach out to me unless it is a dire emergency or I tell you to OR after 8 pm at night.

What you can expect from Me;

– First and foremost that when I accept you and we enter into this coach-athlete relationship that I do have your best interest in mind. It might not be what you want to hear but it is within your best interest that you hear it.

From a coaching aspect here’s what I support you with.

  • Complete nutrition recommendations for both off-season and contest prep with changes made as much as needed.
  • Complete supplement recommendations for both off-season and contest prep with changes made as needed, focusing on performance and health optimization.
  • Training recommendations on volume and frequency-based off on current physique as well as any structural issues that need to be worked around or addressed through training.  (Customized Training purchased separately)
  • Weekly progress pictures need to be provided on behalf of the athlete and I will give feedback on the poses themselves and how to better display your physique through posing tweaks. Progress pictures are also the main tool for the changes that need to be made.
  • Peak week programming that covers every facet of what will be needed to prepare you to present your best physique come game day that may be the stage to a special day.
  • Unlimited Whatsapp access on a weekly basis. (Sundays and after 8 PM weekly please reserve for my family)

Does this sound like you? Something you’re interested in? Then view my pricing options right below this and let’s get rolling! After purchasing, be on the lookout for the questionnaire and pic request which will send as an automatic response. Welcome to #Camp Jansen


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