• While working alongside one another, it is imperative that we are able to work in unison. This applies to each step we take. Remember that at the end of the day, i will always have your best interest at heart. We each have our own roles, and sometimes that requires the coach to hold you accountable to your initial goals regardless of short-term wants/desires. This all comes down to trust. Over time our relationship will grow if the intent to be your best is there. This will happen just as any other relationship grows. With time and effort.
  • Quality communication skills that allow for the development of chemistry building over time. I mentioned that i put emphasis on quality communication as a staple when striving for success. We can track as much data as possible, however, there are limitations when it comes to working with each other online. The more we are able to build a high standard of communication, the higher our chance of success rises.
  • consistent, completed, and on-time check-ins as per the standard procedure. What this entails follows:
    • Full detail and completion of all sheets and data logs. The more information you have presented to me, the better.
    • Check-in forms are submitted prior to noon on your respective check-in day. If you know this will be late, reach out in advance and let me know.
    • Being a responsible athlete to your duties. Remember that it is not my job to babysit or chase after athletes. If this is something that you are truly passionate about; this won’t apply to you or be an issue.
    • Asking questions when you aren’t confident in your ability to answer them yourself. Remember that my job is to help you. If there are areas in which you feel you need extra aid, just let me know!
  • I am aware that we are all human and not robots. On the other hand, i also expect flaws and times of error. This is normal and a part of the process. Being a great athlete also means being able to communicate during these times. We need to be able to collect information on what went wrong, and how our body responded, and need to be able to backtrack and find out why it happened so that we do not run into the same issue in the future.
  • Lastly, surely not least, positivity. No one is making you do this. This was your personal decision and i expect each day to be a day that you look forward to getting better and building a better you. Mindset is everything. Learn to have the ability to see this whole process as an opportunity/blessing rather than a burden.


Upon completion of enrollment, one thing you will soon recognize from me as your coach is that i have a strong foundation built around the belief of teamwork, relationship building, and quality communication. As a coach, i have never viewed my role as any more significant than the athletes’ and vice versa. Both of our roles will serve the same importance and both are a dire necessity for reaching our end goal. Keep in mind that regardless of short-term wants, i will always prioritize our long-term needs that will be conducive to the end goal. Your best interest and health will always be at the front of my decision-making. I am aware that we are all human and not robots. I will never expect perfection year-round from anyone, however, what i will always expect is a positive progression over time.

Below you will find what to expect throughout our journey working together:

  • Extensive communication throughout what’s app and the ability to schedule phone calls as much as needed to ensure that we cover all areas to leave you with no questions for instruction and execution
  • Detailed spreadsheets via google sheets that will allow us to track any necessary data
  • A weekly form that is a simple one-click-and-fill for your weekly check-in to me. You will be able to submit your progress photos through this google form as well.
  • dietary recommendations and guidance based on your current goals, season, and possible psychological plateaus. Regardless of your sport, level of experience, or goal; you will be guided with instruction for your diet to have the opportunity to reach what you have set out for. This can be done through either a recommended meal plan or a macronutrient breakdown with targets.
  • detailed and individualized training design through a virtual logbook, accessible via the phone, that is autoregulated by me and updated week to week. I will be able to make volume, frequency, intensity, and load recommendations from week to week based on your biofeedback and prior week(s) performance as well as gaps that need to be filled in order to take your physique to a level you have yet to reach. This will also include exercise execution feedback through videos that i will request.
  • instruction on acquiring completed blood work panels followed up by an analysis that we can review together. Throughout our experience working together, all completed blood work will be kept in your own athlete folder for long-term awareness of trends. I will also have over-the-counter supplement recommendations based on your blood work and goals to keep your health and longevity at the forefront of my mind.
  • Complete supplement guidance based on your current season, goals, and health markers. Supplement protocols will be changed as needed with weekly check-ins based on your own response.
  • Quantitative data charts for you to fill out weekly that will include weigh-ins,  body measurements, skin folds, resting heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, and additions as needed based on circumstance.
  • At minimum; 1 weekly check-in/update from me to you covering everything included above. Based on circumstance and season, the frequency of these has a high potential to increase. As the contest approaches, this may even reach a point where we will be doing multiple per day.