4 Month Coaching Challenge

It’s time!! Time to dedicate yourself to your own wellness and to become healthier through Camp Jansen Coaches. Throughout the past couple weeks we’ve been brainstorming how to be able to support a larger community and make long lasting results. So here’s what we got for you!! As a way to continually push and give back to those in our community especially during this we’ve set up a FREE 4-month coaching challenge to help you gain the edge you need;
  • Learn more about your body,
  • Change the variables to help you enhance your strength and muscle mass,
  • Educate you more about supplements and dieting,
  • Create a customized training and nutrition plan for you.
To qualify you must;
  • Have access to a gym,
  • understanding of lifting, located anywhere in the world with Whatsapp and Email access,
  • Willingness to dedicate time to your health every day through proper nutrition and training,
  • Must be open to recorded coaching sessions with your coach for check-ins and training.
  • Every applicant must know their current diet
  • Every applicant must be able to supply current progress pictures – link to progress pictures on the website
  • Have the ability to do blood work. 
The greatest aspect of this fall coaching challenge is to allow others to learn, see, and understand more about how anyone can change for the better. So if you’re looking to reduce fat, gain more muscle, create more definition, apply with a coach today & let’s grow together!!! www.TheCampJansen.com and select the 4-month coaching challenge. Some quick notes;
  • Only selecting 3 individuals per coach.
  • Must meet certain requirements.
  • Apply by 9/28/2020 and Athletes that we select for the challenge will be notified on 10/1/2020
Read About The Camp Jansen Coaches Below: 
  • Matt Burzacott: LINK
  • Nick Gloff: LINK
  • Nadia Szymanowicz: LINK